True art lies in the process. This sentiment is as true in its application to creating a piece of art as it is in its application to creating a life together, and such is the story of Rob and Janee.

The two met during their freshman year in Miami University’s architecture program and became fast friends, but didn’t become an item until after graduation – five and a half years later – while Rob was living on the west coast and Janee on the east. Throughout their undergrad years and, later, across the time zones, they pursued their passions and goals in tandem and cultivated a relationship deeply rooted in a mutual love of culture, travel, design, art, the marriage of these elements, and the act of making them accessible to humankind on a local, community level.

After wrapping up her Masters of Architecture Degree at Savannah College of Art and Design, Janee moved to California to join Rob. During these formative months in their life together, the two separately pursued lifestyle-oriented projects. However, while both were gratified by their work – Rob as a marketing consultant and Janee as a project manager for a local gallery – they ultimately realized that their shared passions and ideas held tangible potential and made the decision to relocate to a place that they knew would inspire and foster their ambitions – Savannah.

The pair moved back east in January 2016 and purchased 415 Whitaker shortly thereafter. Rob started his Masters in Illustration at SCAD and Janee worked as a designer for Dawson Architects, later transitioning to a role as marketing coordinator when the company merged with LS3P Associates in 2017. Their free time was spent meticulously renovating and restoring their late 19th century home with a dream of opening a gallery – Tandem Art + Design. For two years, they immersed themselves in the laborious process of reviving the property’s original charm while adding 21st century comforts. Finally, it was finished, and the resulting product is truly a work of art in and of itself.


Naming the gallery was easy, as the notion of working in tandem – of growing, learning, sharing, stretching, grinding, evolving, experiencing, connecting in tandem – formed the fabric of Rob and Janee’s relationship. The business was simply devised to be a brick and mortar embodiment of this quality, created by two people with a drive to unite and showcase others who share their passion for art, design and culture, and create a community of individuals who are working toward a common goal of doing what they love and sharing their passion with the world.